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The Kanga Mortgage Story

When Dion was a sole agent, 'Mortgages By Dion' made sense as a company name. Now that we've grown into a team of professionals we are more than 'just Dion'.

The idea of Kanga Mortgage came from the desire to represent who we are - fun loving Canadians with an Aussie twist. You’ll hear Dion Beg ’s accent come through every now and then, but our roots and our team are Canadian based and Canadian at heart.

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Who is Dion Beg?

Dion Beg

Behind the success of every top-notch mortgage agency is a skilled leader. For the Kanga Mortgage team, that leader is Dion Beg. 

Dion Beg is a veteran mortgage agent whose forward-thinking approach to mortgages has risen him to the top 75 (out of 20,000) mortgage agents in Canada. Dion puts a premium on helping families reach long-term financial freedom. Why the focus on families and long-term financial success? It has to do with how Dion became a mortgage agent in the first place.

Dion dedication to his wife and kids drove him to create a business that reflects his own goals for his family: helping other people and families build wealth by investing in real estate. 

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Kanga Mortgage

The Story So Far...

When Dion moved to Canada, he could see the untapped opportunities in investment property. It became his mission to educate the average family on how to use property to build a financially secure future.

To that end, he’s worked hard over the past decade to build a strong network of realtor contacts, both through direct interaction, seminars and teaching at the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. Now Dion brings his mortgage and real estate expertise out of the auditorium, and to families all around Canada by holding regular webinars that cover the current market and real estate purchase and investment.

By leveraging his financial savvy and connections to a vast network of realtors, Dion can offer his clients a mortgage service that doesn’t just help them and their families land the best deals, but also educates them on how real estate works, and how to use it to secure your future.

Thus, Kanga Mortgage was established, with Dion as the spearhead of a team of experts, his wife Vimla as the GM, and a team of professional mortgage experts.

Our Team

Dion Beg

Vimla Beg

General Manager
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Vimla has worked with Dion since 2004. She has helped build the Kanga Mortgage team into what it is today by creating and managing the HR, finance, marketing and administration processes. As General Manager, Vimla works closely with the management team to make decisions on the direction of the company, allocation of resources and implementation of new ideas and strategies.

Dion Beg

​​Ethan Campbell

Mortgage agent level 1 #m23005911

Ethan began his career working in the US as a mortgage agent and then later moved on to a client specialist/underwriter role. In his current role as a Underwriter, Ethan brings with him over 7 years of experience in the mortgage industry.

Beyond his experience in mortgages, Ethan was an ESL professor in South Korea teaching students and adults North American business and interview skills. While overseas, he gained valuable insights into various cultures and languages. This now helps him communicate with clients on a daily basis so that they close in a timely manner with a great experience.

Dion Beg

Brenda De Carolis

Senior Investment Strategist
Mortgage agent level 2 #m10000671

Brenda De Carolis (née Masic) is the team's Senior Investment Strategist. 

On a daily basis, Brenda helps both novice and veteran investors create and execute plans to grow multi-million dollar real estate portfolios.

Brenda began her career as a mortgage agent in 2010 when she first started working with Dion.  She also brings over a decade of experience from the corporate world where she honed her analytical and planning skills.

Brenda loves showing people what possibilities are available to them in the world of real estate, especially when other advisors have told them it isn't possible. She takes great joy in helping families build towards strong financial futures.

Dion Beg

Olivia Fox

Office Manager
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Olivia was the first to join the team in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant. As the business grew she moved into a Coordinator role, then became an Account Representative before transitioning to an Underwriter by the end of 2020. With extensive knowledge of the business’ processes and having proven herself a valuable member of the team, Olivia moved into the Office Manager role in 2022. A dynamic and restorative professional with over 20 years experience in administrative support and customer service, Olivia oversees a wide range of resources and services.

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